What to Expect in Museum Macan in February

museum macan
Museum MACAN
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Jakarta is home to several captivating museums, many of which have aesthetically pleasing settings that make them ideal for exhibition spaces and photo opportunities. When the rainy season arrives, going to museums is a great way to spend a weekend away from home, and Macan Museum is one of the best places to visit if you’re in Jakarta.

Museum MACAN, or Modern Contemporary Art in Nusantara, is the first art museum in Indonesia to house modern and contemporary art collections by Indonesian and international artists. One of the most well-known exhibitions is the work of famed Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, Infinity Mirrored Room-Brilliance of the Souls, which received widespread attention.

However, the collections in this museum change now and then so that visitors can have a unique experience with each visit. That is why it is essential to gather information before visiting the museum at the M Level of AKR Tower at Jl. Panjang No. 5 Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.

The first thing you should always learn about when visiting a location is the pricing. And here's a breakdown of the MACAN Museum's ticket prices. If you apply for a membership at the museum, you’ll always be free of charge to enter the museum—but non-member adults must pay IDR 70,000 during the week and IDR 90,000 on weekends.

Students will be charged IDR 63,000 per week and IDR 81,000 on weekends, while seniors aged 65 and up will be charged IDR 63,000 per week and IDR 81,000 on weekends. Children aged three to twelve pay IDR 56,000 during the week and IDR 72,000 on weekends, while children under three are free of charge.

MACAN Museum is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. WIB Tuesday through Sunday, with the last admission at 5.45 p.m. WIB. However, not everyone can simply walk into the museum; if you want to explore the exhibition, you must follow a few rules. Before visiting, you can read the rules on their official website: https://www.museummacan.org ; you can also plan your visit or check out the latest exhibition through their website.

The current exhibition, 'The Soul Trembles,' by the famous Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, is featured on the main page. It has been on display since November 26th, 2022, and will be at Museum MACAN until at least April 30th, 2023. The Mori Art Museum in Tokyo also supports this exhibition, and the pieces displayed were all curated by the museum’s director, Mami Katoka.

Aside from seeing the fantastic Chiharu Shiota exhibition, visitors can expect to immerse themselves in the museum's special events, such as their 'Kencan di MACAN' promotion, which allows visitors to go on a date and visit with the "PAY ONE GET TWO" ticket. This promotion is only valid from February 16th to February 19th, 2023, and can be purchased only on their official website or on the Museum's 2nd Floor.

Overall, there is a lot to do at Museum MACAN. Plan your visit with your loved ones to nourish your soul while witnessing 'The Soul Trembles.'

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